Metal silos are designed and manufactured in one piece. Constructed with smooth sheet metal and without screws, for long durability and cleanliness. They can be placed on structure in a bulk load or lifted individually. They serve for the storage of solids and the subsequent discharge of the product.

Our metal silo covers different forms of filling and control; filled mechanically, pneumatically or with weighing control.

      • Silos with mechanical loading

    Silos with a cylindrical body, with a sloping roof and with a lower cone to improve product unloading. Depending on the product to be stored, the best slope for unloading is designed. Intended for the storage of cereals, grains, seeds, additives or other solid products that require a large volume production.

      • Silos with pneumatic loading

    Pneumatically loaded silos are fed from a pressurized tank truck. We offer valves and pipes of various dimensions depending on the product to be transported. The silo is provided with the corresponding filter, depending on the capacity of the silo and the product to be stored.

        • Silos with weighing control

    The weight control silos are adapted with load cells for weighing control. Possibility of attaching a label printer. Possibility of different types of communications.

        • Accessories

    We have all kinds of accessories, from home type mouths, emptying mouths, maximum and minimum controls, vibrofluidifiers, filters, among others.


        • Custom silo design and manufacturing.
        • Metal silos built in galvanized or high-resistance stainless steel, depending on the product to be stored.
        • Unique structure, without screw joints, to facilitate cleaning of the silo and ensure greater durability.
        • Possibility of painting the silo to achieve a cool temperature and good insulation of the product to be stored.
        • Reinforced structure according to construction characteristics and space.
        • Silos with truck loading system.
        • Silos equipped with railings, protective skirting boards and support stairs.


        • Large storage capacity.
        • Silos without joints and screws, for greater durability and cleanliness.
        • Unique structure to reduce assembly time.