About us

HUPA started as a small family business in 1965, specializing in the construction of machinery for the transport, lifting and storage of feed and cereals for feed mills.

Throughout these years, we have specialized in the transport and elevation of all kinds of solid products, from fertilizers, additives, tea herbs, chemicals, cosmetics, minerals, foodstuffs such as salt, sugars, flours among others.

Our values

Our added value is to offer a comprehensive service to cover all customer needs. From the design and manufacture of the equipment, giving great flexibility and adaptation according to the particular needs of each customer. Accompanied by technical advice and consultancy.

We have space for the development of the machinery and to carry out tests, which certify the quality of the equipment and guarantee its optimal operation before being delivered. Through this culture of efficiency and service, we have managed to minimize start-ups at our customers’ facilities.

Spare parts

Hupa has a wide range of spare parts, making available to customers a wide range of products. In addition, it provides the service of cutting, bending, folding… to be able to provide the piece as needed, in order to make the necessary adaptations or modifications for the use that is needed. A service capable of providing real solutions.


Hupa offers its customers its 50 years of experience in the design, construction and installation of equipment for industry and farms, providing its extensive knowledge. Its main objective is to provide solutions to the different challenges that arise, adapting to the different proposals and providing a better service.

Technical Service

When the customer has an emergency, he needs a quick response. Hupa offers at all times its maintenance service for possible breakdowns or queries. Our team is at the customer’s disposal to solve in the most agile, efficient and fast way possible, depending on the urgency, the possible breakdowns or repairs that may arise.

Custom manufacturing

Hupa has a large workshop with the necessary machinery and equipment for the manufacture of all types of tanks, nozzles, reductions, sinkers and various parts in general. With the tools, capacity and sufficient experience to manufacture the “tailor-made suit” that is needed, adapting to the functionality or context that is required.