Transgran chain conveyor

The Redler chain conveyor is ideal for the long-distance transport of both flour and coarse and fine grain products; such as wood chips, cement, aggregates, as well as food material such as granulated or fine feed, peanuts, coffee, protein, soy, rice, among others. It allows the unloading of the material in any production line at different points through the intermediate outlets equipped with guillotine valves (flush). In addition to horizontal transport, it also allows inclined transport.


  • Built with carbon steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel.
  • With heat treated or forged link chain.
  • With intermediate supports.
  • With one or more outlets.
  • Loading mouth, according to the reception hopper or the reception system.
  • Direct motorization or by chain transmission.
  • Allows transport both horizontal and inclined.
  • Long-lasting and low maintenance costs.
  • Performance according to needs.
  • Lids with quick opening closures for quick and efficient cleaning.
  • Adaptation to ATEX regulations.
  • Suitable for the food industry.
  • Simple or double chain.
  • Option to incorporate speed variator.
  • Option to incorporate control panel.
  • Provided with chain rotation sensor.
  • Provided with an air filter in case of direct discharge into hoppers.

Integrate options:

  • Exit gates.
  • Lid with quick opening closure.
  • Records with peephole.
  • Adaptation to ATEX regulations.


  • Easy maintenance.
  • Minimal degradation of the transported material.
  • Wide range of applications for many types of products.
  • Safe transport of bulk solids.
  • Watertight system isolated from the elements of the environment.
  • They do not generate dust or suspended materials in the transport line.