Bulk solids charges and discharges

The Bulk Solids Charges and Discharges allows the unloading of material according to the customer’s needs. The big bag’s four handles are easily hung on a removable frame that is attached with a forklift, which acts as the loading and unloading function of the main structure of the unloader. It contains a hopper at the bottom. It can be connected with screw conveyors to transport the product.

  • Structures for Big Bags of 90 o 100 cm.
  • Made of painted carbon steel, galvanized or stainless steel.
  • Structures adaptable to all types of Big Bags, remountable with multiple possibilities, dismountable and stackable.
  • We have various types of dischargers:
    • Model with adjustable height
    • Model 4 height positions
  • Available with accessories: pickguards depending on the product to be unloaded.

Our Big-Bag emptying stations can be configured according to the following components:

  • Placement of the sack with a hoist or trolley.
  • Sealed discharge systems.
  • Weighing systems, static or dynamic.
  • Dosing equipment.
  • Mechanical transport equipment.
  • Flow closures, automatic or manual.


  • Structure adapted to different big bag sizes.
  • Quick and easy to use, to place new big bags, without the need to move the structure.