Vertical mixer

The vertical mixer is designed to mix granules and rigid flakes of solid products. Indicated for the homogenization of powdery products and similar granulometries in short times, respecting the morphology of the products and with a total emptying.

The vertical mixer consists of a vertical spiral that rotates at a moderate speed to achieve the desired mix.


  • Built with carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Possibility of incorporating load cells.
  • Set maximum level to the top.
  • Incorporates internal vertical thread.
  • It has two skimmers with manual shear-type closure with a little hand.
  • Optional: outlet prepared for 4 suction lances and final gate.
  • Contains two polycarbonate inspection windows.
  • Manhole with security detectors.
  • Auger and input hopper (the input hopper is separated to be able to unload with big bags comfortably).
  • Electrical panel to control pause/work timer.


  • Mixer with low maintenance.